On a typical Friday afternoon at the Pflugerville Taco House, customers entered with a greeting from the owner, Blanca Medrano, and her daughter, Bianca.

Before they even had a chance to make it to the register, Bianca already had the customer’s order memorized and sent it off to the kitchen—a common scenario for the mom-and-daughter-duo, who pride themselves in taking care of their regular customers and new ones alike. They’ve grown so close with some customers, that it’s not unusual for customers to message the pair ahead of time to get their order in.

“Everybody has my phone number now, so they’ll just text me their orders sometimes,” Bianca said. “It’s so funny.”

What’s on the menu

The local taco shop, located in downtown Pflugerville, offers both breakfast and lunch, including tacos, burritos, tortas and taco bowls.

Among the lunch tacos, patrons can choose from carne guisada, carne deshebrada, pastor, barbacoa, chicharron, chicken fajita, carne de res, puerco en chile rojo, mole and picadillo. The restaurant also offers a variety of Pfunky Tacos, such as Pfluger Porkway, which includes a grilled boneless pork chop with refried beans, grilled onions and jalapenos in a flour tortilla. The Railroad taco includes brisket, refried beans, potatoes and pico de gallo.

Late-rising customers don’t have to look elsewhere if they’re in the mood for breakfast. As long as the shop is open, the family-run restaurant is serving breakfast. Breakfast tacos can come with chorizo, cactus, papas rancheras, beacon, potato, sausage, migas and more.

What makes it special

While some restaurants might adhere strictly to the menu, Pflugerville Taco House allows patrons to create. Blanca said she’ll do whatever to accommodate a customer’s taste buds.

“If somebody wants something that’s not even on the menu, but we’ve got everything here to make it, believe me, we’re going to make it,” she said. “We do it all for the customers.”