As Austin heads into the summer, temperatures are now at the level where street maintenance and repaving can be accomplished, according to Austin Public Works.

Through the summer and into the early fall, city crews will be working across all areas of Austin for street maintenance work. In a June 30 news release, Austin Public Works stated it will begin notifying residents of roadway treatments on neighborhood streets as work begins soon.

"Maintaining the city's network of streets through preventive treatments is a key component of enhancing mobility in the right of way," said Gina Fiandaca, assistant city manager of Austin, in the June 30 news release.

Austin Public Works stated the most common roadway maintenance planned throughout this summer is sealcoat. This rehabilitation construction involves spraying a layer of oil and spreading an asphalt material on top of the road. City construction crews then sweep remaining rock.

In Northwest Austin, road maintenance is planned for many neighborhood streets in multiple subdivisions. The Anderson Mill area will have dozens of streets rehabilitated with sealcoat treatment as well as some streets in the Villages of Spicewood.

Long stretches of work are also planned along Metric Boulevard and Scofield Ridge Parkway in North Austin, according to Austin Public Works’ Street Maintenance Map.

A portion of West Braker Lane in Northwest Austin will receive overlay maintenance, which includes removing existing pavement and then applying new treatment. Similar work is planned on Duval Road and a 1.75-mile stretch of Kramer Lane from Braker to North Lamar Boulevard.

The city will notify residents in advance if maintenance work is set to begin in their neighborhood. Residents who live along streets marked for treatment will be asked to move their cars away from streets where crews are scheduled to work for two days.

Cars that have not been moved ahead of the treatment work will be towed to a nearby street, according to Austin Public Works.

Roads can be used immediately after treatment, though the city warns drivers should look for loose gravel while driving on recently treated roads. Austin Public Works stated the work involved with road treatment typically lasts about 30 minutes.

For a full map of roadway maintenance throughout Austin planned for this summer, click here or visit the Austin Public Works website.