Presidential and vice presidential candidates


November election

* - Incumbent; D - Democrat; G - Green Party; L - Libertarian; R - Republican; Write-in candidates will not appear on the ballot but can be voted for by writing the candidate’s name in the write-in candidate space.

U.S. House

Texas District 21

  • Lamar Smith*, R

  • Tom Wakely, D

  • Mark Loewe, L

  • Antonio “Tony” Diaz, G

Texas District 25

  • Roger Williams*, R

  • Kathi Thomas, D

  • Loren Marc Schneiderman, L

Texas District 35

  • Susan Narvaiz, R

  • Lloyd Doggett*, D

Texas Senate

State House representatives are elected to serve two-year terms.

Texas District 21

  • Judith Zaffirini*, D

Texas District 24

  • Dawn Buckingham, R

  • Virginia “Jennie Lou” Leeder, D

Texas House

State House representatives are elected to serve two-year terms.

Texas District 46

  • Gabriel Nila, R

  • Dawnna Dukes*, D

  • Kevin Ludlow, L

  • Adam Michael Greeley, G

Texas District 48

  • Donna Howard*, D

  • Ben Easton, L

Texas District 49

  • Gina Hinojosa, D

  • Rick Perkins, L

Texas District 51

  • Eddie Rodriguez*, D

  • katija “kat” gruene, G


Texas Railroad commissioner

Railroad commissioners are elected to six-year terms.

  • Wayne Christian, R

  • Grady Yarbrough, D

  • Mark Miller, L

  • Martina Salinas, G

State Board of Education

Education commissioners are elected to four-year terms.

State Board of Education, District 5

  • Ken Mercer, R

  • Rebecca Bell-Metereau*, D

  • Ricardo Perkins, L

State Board of Education, District 10

  • Tom Maynard*, R

  • Judy Jennings, D

Supreme Court of Texas

State justices are elected to six-year terms.

Texas Supreme Court, Place 3

  • Debra Lehrmann*, R

  • Mike Westergren, D

  • Kathie Glass, L

  • Rodolfo Rivera Munoz, G

Texas Supreme Court, Place 5

  • Paul Green*, R

  • Dori Contreras Garza, D

  • Tom Oxford, L

  • Charles E. Waterbury, G

Texas Supreme Court, Place 9

  • Eva Guzman*, R

  • Savannah Robinson, D

  • Don Fulton, L

  • Jim Chisolm, G

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

Appeals court justices are elected to six-year terms.

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Presiding Judge, Place 2

  • Mary Lou Keel, R

  • Lawrence “Larry” Meyers*, D

  • Mark Ash, L

  • Adam King Blackwell Reposa, G

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Presiding Judge, Place 5

  • Scott Walker, R

  • Betsy Johnson, D

  • William Bryan Strange III, L

  • Judith Sanders-Castro, G

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Presiding Judge, Place 6

  • Michael E. Keasler*, R

  • Robert Burns, D

  • Mark W. Bennett, L

3rd Court of Appeals District, Place 2

  • Cindy Olson Bourland*, R

3rd Court of Appeals District, Place 4

  • Melissa Goodwin*, R

Travis County

District attorney

  • Maura Phelan, R

  • Margaret Moore, D

County attorney

  • David Escamilla, D


  • Joe G. Martinez, R

  • Sally Hernandez, D

  • Eric Guerra, L

  • Debbie Russell, G

Tax assessor-collector

  • Bruce Elfant*, D

  • Steven Haskett, L

Commissioner, Precinct 3

  • Gerald Daugherty, R

  • David Holmes, D

Commissioner, Precinct 3

  • Stacy Suits, D

Constable, Precinct 4

  • George Morales III, D

Constable Precinct 5

  • Carlos B. Lopez, D

District judge

  • Scott Jenkins*, D

District judge, 53rd Judicial District

  • Rhonda Hurley*, D

District judge, 98th Judicial District

  • P. David Wahlberg*, D

District judge, 167th Judicial District

  • Gisela D. Triana*, D

District judge, 200th Judicial District

  • Jan Soifer, D

District judge, 345th Judicial District

  • Tim Sulak*, D

District judge, 353rd Judicial District

  • Julie Kocurek*, D

District judge, 390th Judicial District

  • Tamara Needles, D

District judge, 427th Judicial District

  • Brad Urrutia, D, 450th Judicial District

Judge, County Court at Law No. 8

  • Carlos H. Barrera, D

Judge, County Court at Law No. 9

  • Kim Williams, D

Austin Community College District

Trustee, Place 4

  • George Robinson

  • Sean Hassan

  • Michael J. Lewis

Trustee, Place 5

  • Thomas Miranda

  • Nicole Eversmann

  • Anthony Schoggins

Trustee, Place 6

  • Douglas Gibbins

  • Nora De Hoyos Comstock

Trustee, Place 9

  • Guadalupe “Lupe” Sosa

  • Mitch Fuller

  • Julie Ann Nitsch

  • Jeremy Story

Austin ISD

Trustee, District 2

  • Adolphus “Andy” Anderson

  • Jayme Mathias

Trustee, District 3

  • Ann Teich

Trustee, District 5

  • Amber Elenz

Trustee, District 7

  • Yasmin Wagner

Trustee, District 8

  • David Ryan Quintanilla

  • Cindy Anderson

City of Austin

Council, District 7

  • Leslie Pool*

  • Natalie Gauldin

Council, District 10

  • Sheri Gallo*

  • Rob Walker

  • Nicholas Virden

  • Alison Alter

Bond election

The issuance of $720,000,000 transportation and mobility improvement bonds and notes for improvements to Loop 360 corridor, Spicewood Springs Road, Old Bee Caves Road Bridge, Anderson Mill Road, intersection of RM 620 and RM 2222, Parmer Lane, North Lamar Boulevard, Burnet Road, Airport Boulevard, East Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard/FM 969, South Lamar Boulevard, East Riverside Drive, Guadalupe Street, Slaughter Lane, William Cannon Drive, Rundberg Lane, East Colony Park Loop Road, South Congress Avenue, Manchaca and South Pleasant Valley Road; sidewalks, Safe Routes to School, urban trails, bikeways, fatality reduction strategies, and the following local mobility substandard streets/capital renewal projects: Falwell Lane, William Cannon Overpass Bridge, FM 1626, Cooper Lane, Ross Road, Circle S Road, Rutledge Spur, Davis Lane, Latta Drive/Brush Country, Johnny Morris Road, and Brodie Lane; and the levy of a tax sufficient to pay for the bonds and notes.

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