Food Coma offers Southern-style food fused with Mexican flavors, such as hot chicken fused with Mexican chilis, queso birria, a birria burger, chicken sandwiches, flautas, pork rinds, chips and salsa, and more.

The food truck is owned by Jordan Ward and Ivan Ordonez, who both worked as travel nurses prior to opening the food truck.

“We had been talking about opening a food truck for the past five to six years and wanting to get out of nursing just because it's very taxing on us, and [COVID-19] really put us through a hard experience,” Ward said.

The name was inspired by the duo's work in critical care.

“We're always kind of putting people in medically induced comas, as crazy as that sounds,” Ward said. “We wanted to kind of create food that tastes so good that you get home and you just kind of want to sit on the couch and not get up for a little bit.”

Food Coma also offers a small selection of desserts, including carrot cake and honey bundt cake, which is a recipe from Ward's grandfather, who used to make it for his birthday when he was younger.
  • Opened Sept. 2
  • New Braunfels ER & Hospital, 3221 Commercial Circle, New Braunfels
  • Facebook: Food Coma