The new yearly stipend of $18,000 for the Liberty Hill mayor will not go into effect until after the May 2025 mayoral election, per an ordinance council unanimously approved April 24.

What happened

Due to the mayoral term of office not expiring until May 2025, the new salary cannot go into effect until after that date, per city documents.

Acting Mayor Crystal Mancilla holds the seat until the special mayoral election on May 4, which has two candidates vying for the position: Mancilla and Devin Vyner.

Whoever comes out ahead in the special election will fill the vacancy for mayor for the remaining term of May 4, 2024-May 3, 2025. The seat became vacant when former Mayor Liz Branigan resigned in January.

Looking ahead

Liberty Hill council members will continue to receive a yearly stipend of $12,000, while the mayor’s new stipend of $18,000 won’t go into effect until after May 3, 2025, per city documents.