Leander City Council to discuss employment of city manager May 20


A special meeting has been called to discuss the employment of Leander’s city manager, Kent Cagle.

Leander City Council will deliberate the employment of the city manager and the appointment of an interim city manager Monday, May 20 at 10 a.m., according to city documents.

Cagle has served as Leander’s city manager since 2011. Prior to coming to Leander, he served as the city manager of Duncanville and worked for the cities of Lubbock, Carrollton and Plano.

The meeting was called at Mayor Troy Hill’s discretion Friday, May 17, according to city spokesperson Mike Neu. Cagle has not resigned, Neu said.

“[The meeting] is to discuss the performance and direction that the city wants to go,” Hill said.

The announcement of the special meeting comes a day after three new council members were sworn into office.

The meeting will take place at Pat Bryson Municipal Hall, 201 N. Brushy St., Leander.

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  1. Mayor Troy McCheese doesn’t like Cagle and wants to put in his crony pal Matt Powell instead. Fortunately my money to him and his minion candidates is helping battle that pesky sexual assault charge with the Leander PD.

  2. Development at all cost

    The lawyers need to get ready because this city council just wants to break the law without restraint and the tax payers are going to have to foot the legal bills to defend these crooks.

  3. Let the whining and moaning and tearing of garments of the losers of this last election begin. Thirty years of holding this city back is about to come to an end.

  4. All hail the power of The King of the Hill! He covets and seeks the Iron Throne of Leander and will eliminate any who oppose him! His faithful minions are now sworn-in and they also stand ready to serve the Lord of Pitts.

  5. Leander Gadfly on Twitter

    Gadfly sources indicate several hundred Leander residents signed a petition to have the city manager removed as far back as 2016. According to reports published by this paper, the bond election that would end up paying for Lakewood Park was rushed onto the ballot even though the city did not own nearly half of the land it said would be the park and the city manager knew they probably would not have it for some time if ever.

    The city manager led an effort to cut the promised park in half, cram the amenities near existing homes, and put the main road to the city’s largest park in the middle of a quiet neighborhood full of narrow streets. Residents from all over Leander objected and the city council ended up doing the right thing. Apparently, council had not even been informed by staff of the massive revisions being made to the park plan until residents objected.

    In most instances, the city manager’s efforts would be a firing offense which ALONE would be cause for dismissal but the old council was just a little to friendly with the city manager and each other so they went back to the plan promised in the bond election and pretty much swept the attempt to subvert the bond election under the rug. Nothing more than the poor judgement demonstrated in this event would be needed to justify dismissal. If there is more, then it’s only more justified. Nearly 70% of Leander voters listened to the new council’s campaign messages and agreed with them.

    No Gadfly operative has ever even met the city manager. He might be a really nice guy but apparently there are lots of people who don’t want him in command anymore. During the election, many of you were running around shouting, “You can’t elect them because they will fire the city manager!” Did any of you ever stop to think how many people that message was sending to the polls so that they could do exactly that?

  6. Oh precious little Gadfly, you are so whimsical!

    So why wasn’t any issues specific with the City Manager brought up during the last TWO elections? I know, you blame him for not having a Whataburger or whatever your favorite restaurant is, right? Then there is the battlecry about commercial growth, when Troy Hill and his cronies have been in office for a year and have done little or nothing. Hill was in office a previous three years and apart from an attempt at some lame noise ordinance, did NOTHING! Why, after Hill, Sederquist, and Cannon, all of whom are beholden to the Lord of Pitts, entered office last election didn’t they make any public issues regarding any valid concerns about the City Manager? He was recently given a bonus that was approved by the council! Now you are going to fire him? The Lord of Pitts moves in mysterious ways. Money

    Why a rushed special city council meeting first thing on the Monday following the swearing-in of three new council members just this past Thursday, who all happen to have received large financial backing from Andy Pitts’ PAC? Will these new members, who have only been in office since Thursday evening vote to remove a City Manager that they have never worked with, ever? Have any of these three newly-elected members met with the City Manager or ANY city staff member at all? I think not. They are all Troybots.

    Leander, you now have an almost totally bought and paid for city council. Watch what happens on Monday. City staff members are already bailing-out. The Economic Development Director, Mark Willis just gave notice on Friday. He replaced Eric Zeno who just left the city staff in February. Tom Yantis left Leander staff as Asst. City Manager a few months ago. Dave Gardner, Fire Chief, left Leander a couple months ago as well. The exodus from Mayor Hill’s control has begun. Who’s next to leave?

    This effort to remove Kent Cagle is purely political. It will be interesting to hear Troy Hill bloviate on why he wants to remove Cagle. Prepare for some entertaining local kabuki theater on Monday morning. Come on Troy Hill, bring us some facts to justify your actions. You won’t because you can’t. This has been what you and your master, Pitts, have dreamed for several years.

    Look at what happened on Thursday night. Chris Czernek, elected in an election that was the first Leander city election that he has bothered to cast a ballot for since being a Leander resident, was named Mayor Pro Tem. A fresh-faced newbie with zero experience except being a Watchdog Dad at an elementary school is now Mayor Pro Tem. Marcie Cannon didn’t get it because “she doesn’t have the time” according to Mayor Hill. If she doesn’t have the time then why is she a council member? Why not eager Christine Sederquist? Could it be that Hill demanded that whomever gets Mayor Pro Tem has to vote his way going forward and Sederquist actually exercised some ethical judgment? Really, why wasn’t Michelle Stevens, the existing Pro Tem at the time, and an experience council member, extended? Could it be that Hill can’t control her? She does seem to have a nasty habit of questioning what Hill wants as demonstrated at the last meeting regarding septics. She embarrassed the incompetent Hill that evening by calling-out that there really wasn’t anything to vote on regarding that agenda item. Watch how the Troybots handle Stevens in the months to come. She has a huge target on her back as she is the last of “The Old Guard” left.

    Put your seat belts on tight, Leander. The Troy Hill Express train wreck is coming and coming fast! Hill Country News is taking notice of the shenanigans at Leander City Hall, maybe Community Impact should dig a bit deeper as well. With apologies to Billy Shakespeare, here is a paraphrase from Hamlet, Act I, Scene 4, : “Something is rotten in the city of Leander.”

    • w a n t i t d e e p e r

      Yeah, they should at least spend time working with him and maybe even conduct a few other male bonding rituals together – only then can they make a decision to black ball our beloved city manager.

      • As the overwhelming losers of the last two elections go into full blown meltdown over the impending loss of multiple bureaucrats, they conveniently forget to tell you that the Tynberg project that these bureacrats and their shrieking backers spent $19M of taxpayers money on has its first payment coming due. They assured everyone that the project would pay the city back rapidly and no actual taxpayer funds would ever be utilized or at risk. This fall, with no development in sight, the taxpayers of Leander are going to take a half a million dollar hit. The shrieking you are hearing is an attempt to divert your attention from this and multiple other city hall blunders that the last two elections overwhelmingly voted to stop and redirect.

    • I think someone is letting the patients down at the state hospital spend too much time on the internet again…

  7. Leander Gadfly

    TLDR for above: Pigeon be jealous.

    Critics of the new council are like a basketball team down 65 to 35 with 10 seconds left but for some reason they keep on fouling. Hit the showers and study up on how to win elections, kids. This game is over.

  8. Leander Gadfly

    Pigeon does make one good point. (One.) Hill’s propensity to reward only absolute fealty is a sure way to alienate genuine loyalty. That trait will come back to bite him but he will still likely be reelected. Also, Mr. Czernek’s face really is kind of bright and fresh. So I guess that’s two good points. Oh! And Sederquist by all accounts is firmly ethical and independent. Wow. Three points. Good pigeon!

  9. Gadfly, you saucy minx!

    No jealousy here. You don’t have time to read what the Pepe posts but you come back multiple times to pile on. HA HA!

    Let’s have some perspective here: The majority of Leander voters continue to sit on the sidelines. They don’t really give a darn. What was the total count this election? A little bit over 1800 voters? Hardly a mandate from the masses.

    It’s obvious that Pitts’ money is effective at getting enough followers to drink the Troy Hill Kool-Aid. Hill and his Troybot council are the result of promising all the great things they can do better than those nasty and ineffective predecessors. The people voting for Hill and his sycophants actually believe that city council has a say on which restaurants business people are going to fund to operate in Leander.

    The problem here is that the apathy and ignorance of the average Leander citizen is an even greater threat than any of the drama or the forthcoming ethical violations that these politicians bring to the situation.

    The clock is ticking on Pitts’ BFF Mayor Troy Hill. He doesn’t have anyone to blame going into the 2021 election. He has his “Dream Team” and two years to get that Whataburger, lower those taxes, lower the water rates, get out of Cap Metro, and get rid of the evil Smart Code! Who will Mayor Weasel point his finger at when his promises turn out to be hallow in two years? Oh, and didn’t he promise that he was only going to serve one term as Mayor? Right.

    • I heard that rumor about the underground automaton facility, it’s back in Grand Mesa under some large hill. It’s like a Stepford Wives scenario, but they are building city council members, but I must admit – after seeing Mr. Kegel dance I was suspicious that he was an automaton as well, only an early 20s Kevin Bacon can dance that well!

  10. Community Impact Staff

    Hi everyone,

    We just wanted to leave a quick note about comments. Community Impact Newspaper wants to maintain a community that feels free to express their opinions and observations. We are about to unveil a new moderation policy very soon. We will no longer tolerate comments utilizing fake names or impersonating others. Comments that could be considered threatening, libelous, spam, profane will also be removed. This is your heads up that this change is coming and to start making changes to the way you engage. We will always welcome positive or negative comments that stay on topic, encourage dialogue and cite sources. Thank you for being active members of our community.

  11. So, now that Troy Hill and his Troybots have fired the City Manager, we are now in a major controversy over Drag Queens reading children stories at the Leander Library. First it was on, then it was cancelled and reported that the City Council decided to cancel the event. Then it was pointed-out that City Council had not met to discuss the Drag Queen event and that City Staff made the decision to cancel. City Staff WITHOUT a City Manager.

    He is the solution: Mayor Troy Hill should dress-up in drag and read stories to the public. He can pick whatever stories he wants. Many would pay money to see that event. If alcohol is served then let’s be certain that neither Hill nor Acting City Manager Pierce are not designated drivers based upon their previous DUI adventures.

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