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Lakeway Mayor

Incumbent Tom Kilgore has been re-elected as the mayor of Lakeway, according to final voting tallies.

Kilgore received 53.5% of the vote, or 2,040 votes. Ron Cooper received 44.95% of the vote, or 1,714 votes, and Roy Paar received 1.55% of the vote, or 59 votes.

“I’m grateful for the confidence from the residents of Lakeway,” Kilgore said. “I am grateful for their support, and I look forward to continuing to serve them for the next two years.”

Lakeway City Council

Incumbent Gretchen Vance has also been re-elected to the Lakeway City Council at-large position, according to final voting tallies.

Vance received 24.91% of the votes, or 2,269 votes. Kent O’Brien received 22.14% of the vote, or 2,016 votes. Christopher Forton received 22.05% of the vote, or 2,008 votes. Dan Vardell received 16.6% of the vote, or 1,512 votes, and Kevin Bernzott received 14.3%, or 1,302 votes.

“I’m grateful to be re-elected, and I look forward to serving a third term on the council,” Vance said.

Lakeway incumbents Mayor Tom Kilgore and City Council Member Gretchen Vance are leading their races, according to early voting results.

Posted May 6 at 8:10 p.m.

Lakeway mayor

Incumbent Tom Kilgore leads the mayoral race in Lakeway, early voting shows.

Kilgore is leading against challengers Ron Cooper and Roy Paar.

Kilgore has received 53.25% of the vote, or 1,572 votes, while Cooper has received 45.36% of the vote, or 1,339 votes, and Paar has received 1.39% of the vote, or 41 votes.

Lakeway City Council

Though the races are much closer for the Lakeway City Council at-large position, incumbent Vance is in the lead.

Vance has received 24.39% of the vote, or 1,736 votes. Christopher Forton follows Vance with 22.3%, or 1,587 votes. Kent O’Brien has received 22.2% of the vote, or 1,580 votes. Candidate Dan Vardell has received 16.41% of the vote, or 1,168 votes, and Kevin Bernzott has received 14.71% of the vote, or 1,047 votes.

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