Georgetown City Council District 2

Shawn Hood

Occupation: Residential architectural designer

Experience: I've spent the last 20 years in private practice on The Historic Square designing new homes in Georgetown and state-wide.

How will you help Georgetown recover from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic?

SH: If elected to City of Georgetown City Council District 2, I would hope to implement a coronavirus pandemic recovery management approach based on three pillars: functionality, safety and openness. As recovery plans are rolled out, are they functional? Do these recovery plans keep people safe starting with our first responders, hospital heroes, and most importantly, our citizens, young and old? Finally, are recovery proposals open to all individuals in our city?

Jason Wirth

Occupation: Project manager at Texas Fixtures and BCC Construction

Experience: Hutto City Council, Georgetown UDC, Hutto Outside Agency Funding Committee

Contact: Search Facebook: Jason Wirth for Georgetown City Council District 2

How will you help Georgetown recover from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic?

JW: I am going to push to do all that we can within the constraints of the budget to relieve the burden of this pandemic on our taxpayers and businesses. Keeping the cities taxes low and by continuing to work with the Chamber on the small business loan program is a great start ,but more is needed. I am going to start by donating most of my Council salary to those in need most. I will do an online forum for those request and get the community involved helping with that decision.

Lisa King

Occupation: Small-business owner

Experience: Corporate, nonprofit, small business; experience managing budgets, staff and negotiations to achieve organizational goals.

How will you help Georgetown recover from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic?

LK: It has been and will continue to be challenging to balance public safety with economic prosperity. Three general observations I would like to address would be acknowledging a new way of shopping. 1) There is an emotional component that may leave many hesitant to go out en masse. I would like to see continued efforts to help make people comfortable shopping again. 2) The trend toward online shopping was increasing and this likely hastened that for many people. I would like to see more support for businesses improving their online presence and curbside services. 3) Specific to District 2 is acknowledging that many of the businesses were hit hard by the Atmos gas issue in 2019 and this has been an excessive added challenge for them.