Georgetown ISD officials have recently made decisions on a new state law allowing school districts to hire chaplains as counselors and its tax rate for the upcoming school year. District staff have also provided updates on the district's school marshal program to satisfy new safety requirements.

Georgetown ISD passes lowered tax rate for FY 2023-24

Georgetown ISD trustees passed a lower tax rate for fiscal year 2023-24 on Sept. 18 in anticipation of a property tax relief measure headed to voters Nov. 7.

What's happening?

GISD officials approved a tax rate $0.0869 less than the rate used to calculate its budget. This comes as the Texas Education Agency lowered the maximum compressed rate, or the maximum base rate for the district determined by the state, by $0.10 in the time since GISD approved its budget in June.

Georgetown ISD to maintain volunteer policy for chaplains

Chaplains will continue to have the option to apply for volunteer opportunities in Georgetown ISD after school officials chose to uphold the district's policy amid a statewide legal update.

What happened

GISD officials chose not to change its volunteer policy for chaplains who would like to assist the district during a Sept. 18 meeting. The decision came in response to a statutory requirement that school boards across the state take a recorded vote regarding the new policy.

Georgetown ISD working to implement school marshal plan in compliance with HB 3

Georgetown ISD is working with other schools and the city's police department to implement a school marshal program across its campuses in compliance with new state-mandated safety requirements.

What's happening?

District staff said in a Sept. 18 update that the district is looking at other schools with marshal programs to shape its own this school year. The move will satisfy the requirements of House Bill 3, a new law requiring armed security officers on each public and charter school campus in the state. The law went into effect Sept. 1.