Chaplains will continue to have the option to apply for volunteer opportunities in Georgetown ISD after school officials chose to uphold the district's policy amid a statewide legal update.

What happened

GISD officials chose not to change its volunteer policy for chaplains who would like to assist the district during a Sept. 18 meeting. The decision came in response to a statutory requirement that school boards across the state take a recorded vote regarding the new policy.

GISD Director of Human Resources Sue Harrison during a Sept. 5 workshop said district staff recommend the district choose to continue its policy of accepting chaplains as volunteers in the district.

The backstory

Under SB 763, school districts are allowed to employ chaplains to perform the duties of school counselors. Texas school boards must take action regarding the law in a record vote, meaning each trustee is required to vote individually on the measure. SB 763 is one of several laws that went into effect Sept. 1 regarding schools.

What are the options?

Harrison said school districts can select from three courses of action regarding the bill:
  • Hire chaplains to perform the duties of a school counselor
  • Accept chaplains as volunteers
  • Reject any use of chaplains