The Georgetown ISD board of trustees approved a 3% general pay increase for all GISD employees May 15.

The pay raise, recommended by GISD human resources staff, will go into effect for the 2023-24 school year. It also brought the starting salary for teachers to $54,450.

“We feel this recommendation is in line with our strategic priority areas in the area of staff retention and recruitment,” said Sue Harrison, executive director of human resources.

In addition to the raises, the board approved adjustments in the pay scale for teachers with experience ranging from 10-29 years. The district also increased its employer contribution toward employee medical expenses from $378 a month to $422 a month.

Also on the agenda

In a safety audit presentation to the board, Heather Stoner, director for campus and student services, said one finding was reported at a campus during an intruder detection audit by the Texas Education Agency in April.

The audit involves a member of the TEA attempting to enter a school building through an exterior door. Details of the report are not released per state statute, but Stoner said an action plan is in place, and teachers and staff at the campus will receive additional training on security protocols specifically related to the audit finding.

Stoner said when findings occur, info collected from the audit is used to improve the district’s safety practices.

“There’s a lot of doors on a campus, so we really had to be creative on how we can make sure that every exterior door kept locked through the day,” she said. “So some creative thinking is one idea was assigning specific teachers to monitor high-frequent doors throughout the day.”