Liberty Hill ISD voters to see nearly $500 million bond in May

Liberty Hill ISD voters will see a nearly $500 million bond in May. (Courtesy Liberty Hill ISD)
Liberty Hill ISD voters will see a nearly $500 million bond in May. (Courtesy Liberty Hill ISD)

Liberty Hill ISD voters will see a nearly $500 million bond in May. (Courtesy Liberty Hill ISD)

Liberty Hill ISD voters will see a nearly $500 million school bond on their May 1 ballots.

The $491.7 million bond will be broken down into four propositions targeting construction of new schools, land acquisition for future schools, and renovations and expansions to current infrastructure, among other projects.

The district is also looking to improve technology and its current athletic stadium as well as prepare for a future second stadium.

“Over the last five years, new home sales in Liberty Hill have increased significantly, making LHISD a fast-growth district,” according to a bond news release. “In just one year, LHISD has grown approximately 13.5%, adding nearly 1,400 new students to the district.”

Approximately 1,385 LHISD students live in Georgetown, according to district officials. Another 238 live in Leander.

If approved by voters, this bond will be accomplished without an increase to the district’s tax rate, the release said. However, a state law now requires every school district to include the statement “this is a property tax increase” on the ballot, regardless of the actual impact on that district’s tax rate.

The rate would not increase due, in part, to the rapid growth in the community, it said.

“Based on the most recent demographic report, enrollment is projected to more than double in the next five years—increasing from the current 5,735 students to 14,082 students by 2026, which is close to the size of Georgetown ISD,” district officials said. “In less than 10 years, the district is projected to exceed 22,000 students, comparable to Pflugerville ISD.”

Early voting runs April 19-27 without Sunday voting. Election day is May 1. Early voting locations can be found here.

Below is a breakdown of each proposition:

Proposition A, $457.7 million:

  • construction of two new elementary schools;

  • construction of a new third middle school;

  • construction of a new second high school;

  • expansion and renovations at Liberty Hill Elementary School and Louine Noble Elementary School;

  • expansion and renovation of Liberty Hill Middle School for 1,200 additional students with new career and technical education facilities, fine arts, new roof, heating and air conditioning units, and traffic flow improvements;

  • expansion of Santa Rita Middle School to 1,200-student capacity;

  • Liberty Hill High School expansion to 2,400-student capacity with new CTE facilities, fine arts and locker rooms;

  • maintenance and repair of HVAC, roofing and other maintenance repair needs;

  • districtwide campus security with new security cameras, access control and front entry vestibules;

  • technology infrastructure;

  • expansion of transportation facility and new buses; and

  • land acquisition and design for future schools.

Proposition B, $8 million:

  • Technology devices for students and staff

Proposition C, $6 million:

  • Liberty Hill High School stadium expansion with additional 5,000-seat capacity; and

  • additional restrooms that are Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant.

Proposition D, $20 million:

  • Stadium for new high school No. 2 with competition field and seating capacity