Austin Mayor Steve Adler joined 30 other mayors and county executives from across the country in their request that President Barack Obama boost his support for immigrant families.

In a letter addressed to the President, the local leaders, all members of Cities for Action, a coalition of over 100 U.S. mayors and county executives, urged Obama and his administration to not only continue his support for immigrant families, but take additional steps to ensure their protection after his term ends on Jan. 20.

“As Mayor of Austin—as well as a former national board member of the Anti-Defamation League—I am proud that America cannot and will not use its power to persecute people based on their religion,” Adler said in a press release. “In fact, I always thought that truth was self-evident.”

The letter asks Obama to strengthen support for young immigrants under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA—a policy Obama started in 2012 that protects certain, minor undocumented immigrants from deportation and provides eligibility for a work permit—by accepting early DACA renewal applications and ensuring timely processing by the United States Center for Immigration Services.

According to the letter, the local leaders urged the President and his administration to protect immigrants who cannot return to their country “because of extraordinary conditions, including natural disasters or armed conflict,” by reviewing and renewing Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designations.

The letter also applauded the nation’s top government executive for his work in ending the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System program, which local leaders called “discriminatory” and “created great fear and turmoil” within communities.

The discussion of immigrant protection has been at the forefront in Austin since Donald Trump became President-elect in November. Mayor Adler, attending a Trump protest a week after the general election, vowed to keep immigrant families safe. When the Austin City Council officially approved interim police Chief Brian Manley in December, District 4 Council Member Greg Casar was adamant about the interim chief ensuring that the city’s police resources would be used to fight crime and not focus on deporting immigrants.