Editor's note: This article has been updated to include information about Austin Disaster Relief Network.

Crews are resuming trash pickup services and cleaning up fallen debris as winter storm conditions caused dozens of trees to damage power lines and block roadways.

Trash collection services are resuming Feb. 2 after they were suspended Jan 31. Austin Resource Recovery is asking residents with large storm debris in their yards to cut it up and place it on the curb for collection. The city of Austin and Travis County have partnered with nonprofit Austin Disaster Relief Network to help residents who are unable to cut up debris themselves due to physical or financial limitations. Residents can request debris clean up by filling out this form: https://udrn.communityos.org/help-request-public.

Emergency responders are asking residents to not try to help with any fallen trees in the roads or on downed power lines.

“Assume that downed power lines are energized, and stay away from them,” Austin Energy General Manager Jackie Sargent said. “Do not try to clear trees away from your lines by yourself. Call 911 to report downed power lines.”

The city of Austin has been working with the Texas Department of Transportation and Travis County to clear roadways covered in debris. ARR Director Ken Snipes said the team is prioritizing main roads first before moving on to neighborhood streets and will respond to emergency situations throughout the night.

Residents who see trees blocking roadways should call 311.

“It’s been call after call after call. ... We’re trying our best to keep up,” an Austin Public Works employee said. “You can’t be prepared for this."