Temperatures are expected to fall near or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit across the Austin, San Antonio and Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan areas this week. Cold weather, high winds and precipitation may lead to icy conditions and downed power lines.

In a news release, the Public Utility Commission of Texas reminded Texans to report local power outages as they occur and be careful around downed power lines.

Ice can knock down power lines and tree limbs, resulting in local outages, PUC Chair Peter Lake said in the release.

“We expect [the state power grid] to have sufficient generation to meet the power demands of Texas during this winter weather,” Lake said.

No power outages occurred as a result of the state grid during the December cold snap, when temperatures fell below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Texans can monitor local outages, contact their utility companies and find winter storm tips through the PUC’s Storm Resources website. According to the commission, people should not approach downed power lines, as they may still be energized and can cause injuries.

“If you encounter downed power lines, move to a safe distance and contact your local authorities immediately,” the release said.

The PUC will work with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas and other state agencies to monitor and respond to winter weather throughout the week, according to the release.