The Capital Metro board of directors received a presentation on the agency’s proposed fiscal year 2023-24 budget during the regular board meeting on July 24. FY 2023-24 will begin Oct. 1 and end Sept. 30, 2024.

The specifics

The proposed $425.4 million FY 2023-24 operating expense budget is up $37.9 million from last year.

Expenses for salaries and benefits; professional services, such as bus repair/maintenance and security services; and purchased transportation services, including 27% more Rail hours and 28% more Pickup hours, will all see an increase compared to FY 2023-24. However, some expenses, such as materials and supplies and fuel and fluids, will each see a $1 million decrease.

CapMetro ridership is also budgeted to increase, which adds to the agency’s operating revenue. Fare revenue is based on the continuing return of ridership in FY 2023-24, which budgets 25.1 million riders.

The budget's five-year capital improvement plan spans through FY 2027-28 and totals $1.1 billion. Some of the highlights in the plan include:
  • Electric bus purchases and infrastructure construction
  • Bus stop enhancements and improvements
  • MetroBike station expansion and replacements
  • Project Connect: McKalla Station, new MetroRapid lines and Pickup zone operations, and a master facility plan expansion

Looking ahead
  • Aug. 21-25: budget public outreach and webinar
  • Aug 25: proposed budget document is published online
  • Sept. 13: public hearing on proposed budget and capital improvement plan
  • Sept. 25: board of directors considers budget proposal for adoption