Thousands of drivers are continuing to use the six Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority toll roads, resulting in just over $18 million in revenue in April.

The Mobility Authority’s board of directors received an update on April’s toll revenues and roadway performance during its regular meeting on May 31.

Chief Financial Officer Jose Hernandez said April’s total toll revenue included toll videos and fees, and both toll tag and pay-by-mail revenues are “performing well.” The Mobility Authority manages 183A Toll, 290 Toll, 183 South, SH 71 Toll, SH 45 SW Toll and the MoPac Express lanes.

Hernandez said MoPac's revenue has been the “slowest to recover” as a result of the pandemic, but since July 2022 has been gradually catching up to prepandemic levels.

“MoPac is showing signs of recovery,” Hernandez said. “We were able to book about $1.5 million in toll revenues for the month of April on MoPac. Our consultants at [engineering firm] Stantec did some analysis, and the peak hour toll rates are up in every segment, every plaza, for the month. ... I think the demographic growth continues, and the COVID[-19] recovery has really set in, and the tags are operating pretty well."

The multimillion-dollar revenue is in line with recent toll activity trends. According to Mobility Authority Executive Director James Bass, toll transactions—or vehicles recorded traveling through tolling points—have increased by just over 26% since May 2021.

Over the last two years, each toll’s transactions have increased by:
  • 183A Toll: 11.5%
  • 290 Toll: 23.7%
  • 183 Toll: 64%
  • 71 Toll: 10.9%
  • 45SW Toll: 33.7%
  • MoPac Express Lane: 21.6%