Seasonal street maintenance is starting this summer in neighborhoods across Austin through early fall to help preserve streets, extend their lifespan and save taxpayer money in the long run.

According to city staff, crews with the Transportation and Public Works Department are starting the preventative work as approaching summer temperatures are ideal for surface treatments, such as sealcoat, to be applied.

Sealcoat involves spraying a layer of oil on streets, spreading asphalt material on top and sweeping off excess rock. The process results in a smoother surface that eliminates hairline cracks that can lead to potholes, and also increases skid resistance, according to the city.

Other scheduled work includes:
  • Overlay: this process results in a smoother driving surface
  • Slurry seal: used in cul-de-sacs and fills existing pavement surface defects as a preparatory treatment for other street maintenance
  • Crack seal: seals pavement cracks to prevent moisture from entering the base and subgrade material
  • Fog seal: used to renew aged asphalt surfaces and seal small cracks and surface voids
To help ensure a smooth maintenance process, TPW has provided the following tips:
  • Remove vehicles from streets scheduled for maintenance for two days—vehicles not removed prior to scheduled maintenance will be towed to a nearby street, according to city staff.
  • Expect loose gravel once the work is complete; it will setting into the new asphalt material with time.
  • Avoid hard braking and sharp turning until the surface hardens to prevent flying gravel.
View the street maintenance map here to see if your street or neighborhood is scheduled for maintenance and what specific work will be completed.