The Austin Diaper Bank is going to focus heavily on its project to ensure schools have menstrual supplies so students can focus on learning in 2022, Executive Director Holly McDaniel said.

The nonprofit focuses on diapers for children and menstrual supplies for teens and adults, but its work supports everyone in the family, McDaniel said.

“When your basic needs aren’t met, it’s hard to function in your normal life,” McDaniel said. “Diapers seems like a simple thing, but it really affects the entire family when you go without.”

The nonprofit gives out 1.5 million diapers a year and about 400,000 period products, McDaniel said.

The diaper bank accepts donations of diapers and sanitary products. Individuals can help by collecting supplies or hosting diaper drives, which also help spread awareness. The nonprofit also accepts money. It can purchase the diapers and other supplies for one-third of the retail cost.