Prep ATX, a commercial kitchen space at 1300 East Anderson Lane, Austin, will open its 55,000-square-foot facility this summer for businesses that want to add to their production capacity, set up a ghost kitchen for delivery and takeout service or find a home for their consumer packaged goods service.

The company that opened in Atlanta in 2014 will be adding its second location this year in Austin. It has 42 private kitchens, 16 shared kitchens and space for 16 food trucks available. On June 2, Prep ATX announced the first 21 businesses that have signed on.

Tiny Pies, which has three brick-and-mortar stores in the Austin area, will be using the space as a commissary kitchen to help facilitate growth as the company expands into more retail locations, owner Amanda Wadsworth said in a news release.

"We've recently seen a significant increase in e-commerce, as well as orders for client gifting," Wadsworth said.

Tiny Pies plans to keep its three brick-and-mortar stores open as it moves the commissary kitchen to Prep ATX.

Other businesses, such as Brooklyn Breakfast Shop and Taste of Home Dumpling, will be using Prep ATX as a ghost kitchen, while consumer packaged goods companies such as Thanks Danks Jerky and SimpliThai will also be part of the space.

The full list of businesses is available on the Prep ATX website. 512-690-2080.