One key piece of the process to buy a home is having it inspected. Community Impact spoke with the Texas Real Estate Commission and Joey O’Brien, the owner of Austin-based Inspect It, to lay out the details of the inspection process.

The details
  • Home inspections involve a professional canvassing of a new or existing home to ensure it’s up to various building and safety standards.
  • Texas does not mandate that home inspections take place, but lenders may require an inspection before a purchase to secure financing.
  • Professional real estate inspectors are state certified, trained and qualified to inspect homes for both buyers and sellers during a real estate transaction.
Home inspectors are one of several types of real estate professionals licensed in Texas alongside sales agents, brokers and appraisers.

“We’re kind of the eyes and ears for you when you’re purchasing that product," O'Brien said.

Finding an inspector
  • The TREC lists all licensed inspectors with details including education and disciplinary history at
  • Real estate agents can confirm licenses and provide a list of preferred inspectors. Friends and family can also provide recommendations based on past experience.
Inspections are one of the many steps buyers can take before moving to purchase a home. (Designed by Joseph Veloz)

“Be prepared, based on what you are offering on, to make sure you get everything checked out and make sure you have enough time to do it,” O'Brien said of starting the inspection process.

Many aspects of a home are reviewed during the inspection process. (Designed by Joseph Veloz)

Having issues?

Consumers may file complaints with the TREC within four years of an incident. Complaints must be written, and the commission has a stock form available to use at

The TREC's standard home inspection form may also be viewed here.