Editor's note: this article has been updated to clarify that the plan will cost $65.6 million, leading to a $54.5 million shortfall.

On April 27, during an Austin ISD board meeting, Chief Financial Officer Eduardo Ramos and Chief of Human Capital Brandi Hosack presented potential compensation plans for the 2022-23 academic year.

The board will learn more about the plans during its May informational meeting and approve the budget in June.

Hosack said the staff and Education Austin, Austin ISD’s union, came to an agreement on the “most aggressive” scenario. The plan will have to be approved by the board.

The gist

The plan includes:
  • $4 flat raise for all classified staff
  • 7% raise for teachers, librarians, counselors, instruction coaches, special education staff
  • 3% raise for administrative professionals
  • Increased stipends for special education and bilingual qualifications
The scenario would cost $65.6 million and could lead to a $54 million shortfall, according to Ramos.

Ramos said that assumption is based on existing state funding models, which will most likely change during the ongoing legislative session to bring in additional funds. He also said the budget will include a plan to reduce the potential shortfall throughout the year.

What they are saying

“Right now, I can just barely afford to stay in my home, but I can’t afford repairs. I am driving on two bald tires. The cost of everything has skyrocketed, and I worry that I will never be able to retire,” said Traci Dunlap, Austin ISD teacher and Education Austin leader.

Interim Superintendent Matias Segura said he is proud of the “aggressive” compensation increases needed to keep up with Austin ISD’s rising cost of living.

“When we started the school year, that was a really, really scary time for our students and staff not being fully staffed. That can’t happen again,” District 4 Trustee Kathryn Whitley Chu said.

Chu said the increase will bring the minimum wage for classified staff up to $20 an hour, which she called a "bare minimum" in Austin.