Gelatoro, a new artisanal gelato and coffee shop offering dozens of flavors, opened at 4500 Duval St., Austin, the former Hyde Park neighborhood JuiceLand location, in early June.

On the menu

Gelatoro offers 18 everyday flavors, including hazelnut, stracciatella, biscoff, strawberry sorbet and pistachio, and several rotating flavors, which currently include honey almond, melon sorbet, salted caramel, banana pudding and more, owner Sabri Gulsay said.

The shop also offers coffee and affogato—a scoop of vanilla gelato with hot espresso poured on top—using beans from local roaster Greater Goods.

Gelatoro is working on opening an in-house bakery, Gulsay said, and until then is serving croissants, pain au chocolat, blueberry muffins and cinnamon knots from Easy Tiger.

How it’s made

“We are an artisanal gelato shop, which means high-quality gelato that is crafted using traditional methods and natural ingredients,” Gulsay said. “The process of making artisanal gelato involves combining fresh fruit, milk, cream, sugar and other natural ingredients to create a base. The mixture is then churned at a slower speed and with less air compared to industrial ice cream production, resulting in a denser and creamier texture.”