Tucked away on 3 acres on Menchaca, the Armadillo Den might look like just a bar at first glance, but the space offers games, a dog park, mocktails and other options that make it a place where locals can go to unwind or watch sports, co-owner Brett Berry said.

He, along with fellow owners Josh Hazzard, Cade Archer and Skylar Reeves, plan to further expand the Armadillo Den’s entertainment offerings in the coming year. The goal is for it to be a place that appeals to everyone.

“We have birthday parties for 60-year-olds and gender reveals for 20-somethings,” Berry said. “I love seeing how diverse our clientele is.”

He credits the bartenders for cultivating a culture that is not just high-energy, but welcoming to all.

Armadillo Den at 10106 Menchaca Road, Austin, will have live music, stand-up comedy and special events, including March Madness and a crawfish boil for the Super Bowl, Feb. 12.

“We will also offer Celtic Axe throwing and parties for St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo, too,” Berry said.

In addition, the Den will have extra live entertainment during South by Southwest week, including stand-up comedy and music headliners.

There are several food trucks in the yard, including Pueblo Viejo, Biggie’s Yardbird, Mama Fried and Ranch Hand.

“Our parking isn’t great right now,” Berry said. “So, we offer discounts for ride-sharing, and we plan to offer new parking locations soon.”

There is also an off-leash dog park on the property that is open daily, and children are welcome weekdays until 6 p.m. The venue is for patrons age 21 and up on the weekends, Berry said.

Armadillo Den has joined other neighborhood spots, such as The Hive and Lulu’s, where guests are able to get that old-school Austin vibe, Berry said.“The South Austin scene is exploding,” Berry said. “And we are excited to be part of it.”