A 600-acre public park will begin construction in 2026 east of Austin as part of the Whisper Valley community.

The park, called Whisper Valley Park, is located off SH 130 from FM 973 and extends east of Taylor Lane, and will connect to Walter E. Long Park and Lake, the Travis County 14-mile trail system, and East Metropolitan Park through an estimated 20 miles of trails.

“We’ve been working with the city of Austin for more than two years on the concept plan,” said Douglas Gilliland, managing director at Taurus Investment Holdings, a real estate firm behind the Whisper Valley project, in a news release. “It is a huge undertaking, but the result will be a spectacular addition to Whisper Valley and East Austin.”

Whisper Valley Park will cost over $8 million for the construction of trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, restrooms, community gardens and an amphitheater for events.

The construction of the park will take place in seven phases over an estimated six years. Phase 1 construction is estimated to begin in 2026, consisting of pedestrian trails that extend from the Whisper Valley community center and along Gilleland Creek.

For more information, visit www.whispervalleyaustin.com.