Travis County leaders are hosting an Expunction Expo on May 20 to help residents have old arrest records cleared.

Expunction—the term for clearing an arrest record in Texas—is necessary for many individuals with arrest records as even dismissed cases can still show up on criminal background checks, according to a press release.

Who may be qualified to have records cleared?
  • Travis County residents who were arrested but never charged
  • Residents with a criminal charge that was dismissed
  • Residents who completed a diversion program
  • Residents who were acquitted of a charge
  • Residents who were pardoned of a crime by the Texas governor or the president of the United States
Qualified residents will need to file the necessary paperwork to clear their records with a volunteer attorney from Travis County Law Library, Capital Area Private Defender Service, Travis County Public Defender’s Office or Volunteer Legal Services.

The application deadline for the Expunction Expo is April 7.

Application links:The impact

Residents who pursue expunction tend to have better access to jobs, housing and financial aid for higher education. Travis County officials are expecting to help over 250 residents clear their criminal records at the event. Since 2020, Travis County has helped 450 people clear 855 criminal records.

Staff from employment company Indeed will be at the event to help participants create an account, draft a resume and learn job searching tips.

Quote of note

“Participants who received help at last year’s expunction expos now have more opportunities for good jobs, access to higher education & better housing, and that makes all of us more safe,” Travis County District Attorney José Garza said in a news release.