Here at Community Impact Newspaper we recognize that we only get one chance a month to deliver stories to your home that inform you of what’s happening in your community.

So what happens when Austin experiences something like it did in late October when a mandatory boil-water notice went into effect, and residents needed up-to-the-second information?

Our newsroom is full of reporters and editors working to deliver hyperlocal news to Central Texas. As the story of the flooding and the boil-water notice progressed, our team collaborated to deliver readers the information they needed right away, posting dozens of stories daily to our website.

We also take pride in delving deep into stories to provide useful information. In this issue reporter Emma Freer’s story (see Page 30) looks at not only the details of the boil-water notice but what it means for the future.

That’s how we cover breaking news at a monthly newspaper—by always keeping our readers’ interests at the top of our minds.