Julio Figueroa and Matt Mouton have been involved in the Austin music scene for decades. After the pair met, they decided to open their own guitar store.

Moon Music began as an online shop in November 2019 before opening behind Lone Star Kolache on Anderson Lane in Austin in May 2022. Previously, Figueroa was doing guitar repairs from his home, and Mouton was working at Tito’s Handmade Vodka and selling used equipment on the side.

“We’ve all just been playing music our whole lives,” Mouton said. “I’m 40 years old. I’ve been playing guitar for 32 years, and [Figueroa] has probably similarly been playing music since he was a small child. This is what we do. This is what we love.”

The shop offers new and used guitars and ukuleles as well as pedals and other accessories.

Mouton said used guitars are popular because they are typically more affordable. The store sells items suitable for beginners to professionals.

Mouton said the team will help shoppers find an instrument that suits them by learning about their intended use and playing style.

Figueroa offers tuning and repair services. He said guitars should be serviced about once a year due to wear and changes in the weather.

“The word is really getting out about the quality of repairs we’re doing here,” Mouton said. “People will come from farther away for that.”

The pair said there are plenty of musicians in the neighborhoods around the store, and it attracts customers from neighboring cities.

“We get guys that just like collecting guitars, and we get lots of musicians and just hobby guitar players. We’re starting to see more and more beginners,” Figueroa said.

Both Figueroa and Mouton are longtime Austin residents. While they have seen the city change, they said it is still a good place for musicians.

“As far as the music scene, stuff has moved off the beaten paths,” Figueroa said. “There’s just as much of a music scene here; you just have to look for it.”