Violet Crown Clubhouse—a local hangout with arcade games, ice cream and events for all ages—is shuttering in January.

Owner Mike Lavinge said the decision to close Violet Crown Clubhouse was caused by a mix of inflation, COVID-19 and staffing issues.

“It [just] got too hard,” Lavigne said. “I already feel uncomfortable charging as much as I do for a can of beer; I can’t charge any more.”

Since the clubhouse opened in 2019, it has regularly hosted drag queen game nights, live music, yoga classes and other events.

“If you want to do something in Austin, it’s got to be nice. We’re not nice. We’re cool,” Lavigne said.

Violet Crown Clubhouse will continue to host events until its last day, Jan. 15. The clubhouse is located at 7100 Woodrow Ave., Austin.