The Lawn, a turf-covered lot with mobile food and merchandise stores on South Congress Avenue, added its final tenant in early September.

The entire space was constructed within six months by Cassie and Jay LaCourse. In addition to owning The Lawn, Jay LaCourse works as a graphic designer, and Cassie LaCourse works as a gemologist for her jewelry boutique, Pause and Imagine.

The Lawn is home to Cassie LaCourse’s boutique and eight other stores and restaurants.

The Lawn holds markets every third Sunday where smaller vendors can set up shop.

Many businesses at The Lawn formerly had brick-and-mortar locations throughout the city but had to close them due to rising costs.

“Development in Austin put pressure on me to go mobile. I felt what was happening to me at the time was something that I’m grateful for now,” Cassie LaCourse said.

The low operational costs of owning a mobile business and the desire to bring back a casual feel to South Congress incentivized the tenants, LaCourse said.

“There used to be lots of food trailers. ...” LaCourse said. “This is a little taste of what it used to be.”

Because each business has a niche, there is not competition to drive everyone against each other.

“The better they do, the better I do,” said Michael Cruz, co-owner of La Jeansaire Mensa.

Despite The Lawn’s early success, LaCourse does not expect to stay open longer than two years.

“I think it’s unfortunately part of the mobile business. It’s a bit impermanent,” she said.