On June 30, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the first monkeypox case in Travis County.

Austin Public Health is investigating five other individuals with symptoms consistent with monkeypox and conducting contact tracing for people who were in direct contact with the infected resident. The resident is quarantining at home.

According to the CDC, monkeypox is rare; it does not spread easily without close contact; and over 99% of people who get the disease are likely to survive. Monkeypox is spread through direct contact with infected scabs, rashes and bodily fluids, or through prolonged respiratory secretions, such as kissing. It can also be spread by touching items that have been in contact with scabs, rashes and bodily fluids.

“This spread of monkeypox within our community is concerning. Anyone who believes they may have symptoms of the virus should reach out to a medical provider immediately,” said Dr. Desmar Walkes, Austin-Travis County Health Authority, in a press release. “This virus is predominantly spread through close, intimate contact with others. You should avoid skin-to-skin contact with anyone showing rashes or sores.”