Austin Clinic Research, the research arm of Austin Regional Clinic, has been selected to participate in a Pfizer-BioNTech study for an updated booster for the COVID-19 vaccine that could perform better against variants.

“As new variants emerge with unknown risk, such as the latest omicron, we must continue to research new approaches to ensure that our vaccines can adequately protect against COVID-19,” said Dr. Amy Siegel, internal medicine physician at Austin Regional Clinic and principal investigator at Austin Clinical Research, in a press release.

The trial will look at the safety and efficacy of two boosters, according to the release. One of the boosters will be a multivalent vaccine containing two strains of the virus, and the other is a monovalent vaccine with one strain of the virus.

ARC is the only Central Texas location chosen for the trial, according to the release.

The trial is enrolling adults ages 18-85 who meet certain criteria. More information about participating can be found here.