Founded by wife and husband Mary and Nelson Monteith, Honest Mary’s is a local eatery offering healthy fast food while aiming to positively impact others’ lives. Their newest location in Cedar Park opened in July, and the Monteiths have hopes of expanding further.

What’s in a name

Nelson said in 2015, he and Mary were young Austinites leading active lives with limited time.

“We wanted to eat things that were healthy, affordable and convenient. We actually drew a Venn diagram using some of our favorite places,” he said. “Unfortunately, very few hit that sweet spot.”

Nelson said they soon began the planning stages of a place to fit what they were looking for—but they needed a name.

“We had a list, and we tacked on Honest Mary’s as a bonus,” Nelson said. “We sent the list to our friends, and they chose Honest Mary’s. It just felt right.”

He said they knew after opening their first location in the Arboretum in 2017 that they wanted to expand the brand, and in early 2020, they opened the Rosedale location. Two years later, friend and restaurateur Andrew Wiseheart joined as co-owner to help propel the company.

On the menu

With a mission to provide convenient clean-eating options, Honest Mary’s offers both signature and build-your-own bowls. Nelson said guests start by selecting a protein like tofu or chicken, a base such as a grain or greens, sides including cooked vegetables, toppings, and a sauce.

Why we love it

Nelson said their goal at Honest Mary’s is to help guests and team members become the best version of themselves through nourishing food, acts of kindness and genuine care for others.

“We’re so much more than a meal,” Nelson said. “We hope when you leave Honest Mary’s, you feel better than when you got here.”

Honest Mary’s

4701 183A Toll, Ste. B300, Cedar Park