From organizing pots and pans in the kitchen to making bathroom storage more accessible, ShelfGenie specializes in creating personalized organizational solutions.

Since 2000, ShelfGenie has been providing custom solutions to clients across the U.S. Owner Linda Creswell manages the franchise’s Greater Houston locations, providing storage and organization for kitchen shelves, pantry shelves, bathrooms, closets and more.

What makes the company so successful is its emphasis on personalization. When a client calls for a consultation, Creswell said ShelfGenie staff spend 90 minutes to two hours with the client to understand their daily habits, their goals and any frustrations with the home. Then, the team comes up with a 3D design solution and presents it to the client.

“Then if the client loves it, and they almost always do, we send the order to our manufacturing plant in Phoenix,” Creswell said. “It's built there to the specifications of the design. It's all very customized. For the most part it's a one-day installation, and our client satisfaction is just off the charts.”

L-Shaped Corner cabinets are a common issue for homeowners. These cabinets have a missing door and blind side due to their corner configuration. Corner storage cabinets usually come with fixed shelves. That means while you have a good amount of storage space, much of it is impossible to access.

ShelfGenie’s patented Glide-Around helps individuals make the most of these awkward spaces. The Glide-Around design combines the functionality of a revolving tray and corner cabinet with shelves that rotate 360 degrees and drawers that fully extend.

Creswell said ShelfGenie can also help individuals with small pantries or closets.

“Many linen closets and pantries go far back and they're narrow, and human behavior is to use from the front and forget what's in the back,” Creswell said. “You tend to start grabbing things from the front because you don't want to pull everything out and go through it to find what you're looking for. Nine times out of 10, when we do a pantry, the client is amazed at how many expired spices they have. One of my designers said, ‘This is my zen product because it brings me so much peace to be able to see, touch and feel everything that I have instead of guessing what's in there.’”

In addition, ShelfGenie is able to provide pull-out shelving solutions for those with mobility issues. For example, if an individual is a wheelchair user, ShelfGenie can make the individual’s bottom cabinets fully functional for them. These solutions can even be tax deductible. Individuals should check with their accountant to determined if they are eligible for a tax deduction.

“That's why we're so unique because we spend that time with the client getting to know them and their needs,” Creswell said.

Adding ShelfGenie products is also a great way to add value to a home, both for the current and future owners.

“People are very, very impressed with the product because we offer a lifetime warranty and the warranty stays with the home, so if you sell the home, it goes to the next owner,” Creswell said.

Ready to add ShelfGenie products to your home? Visit the company’s website to learn how ShelfGenie can provide solutions to your storage issues.

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