The Lyric hearing aid is an invisible device patients can wear 24/7 to improve mild to moderate hearing loss. North Houston Hearing Solutions is one of the few practices in Houston approved to fit these devices.

Unlike traditional daily wear devices, the Lyric hearing aid is inserted in the ear canal just near the eardrum in a nonsurgical procedure that takes about 15 minutes. This device can be worn continuously, allowing users to sleep, swim and shower without the need to remove it.

“It also provides sound awareness while you're sleeping, so you can hear a fire alarm or emergency phone call in the middle of the night,” Dr. Lacey Brooks said. “There are no batteries to change. There is no hearing aid to clean. There is no maintenance from the patient, which is a huge driver for them.”

The clinic is one of the few in the Houston area with Doctors of Audiology who are certified to fit the Lyric device. This certification ensures that the staff at North Houston Hearing Solutions are highly skilled in providing this advanced hearing aid to their patients.

Dr. Brooks said that she has been fitting the Lyric device for over a decade, and patient feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The device is particularly beneficial for those with tinnitus, offering 24-hour relief, and for individuals with dexterity issues, as there are no batteries to change or devices to clean.

For individuals who are hesitant to seek help due to the stigma of visible hearing aids, the Lyric device offers a discreet and effective solution.

“The Lyric is great for people who don't want people to know they have hearing aids, because it's the only invisible hearing aid on the market,” Dr. Brooks said.

What many individuals may not realize is that hearing loss is the Number 1 modifiable risk factor for dementia and Alzheimer's. Although your ears collect the information, your brain is what makes sense of the information—allowing you to hear. This is why having the correct hearing aid is important.

“[The Lyric device] is giving your brain the auditory information that it needs to process correctly, and it is stimulating the area of your brain that helps with cognition,” Dr. Brooks said.

The Lyric hearing aid, being a subscription-based model, further adds to its convenience. Patients pay an annual fee that covers all appointments and follow-up care, eliminating additional out-of-pocket costs.

North Houston Hearing Solutions is committed to expanding awareness of the Lyric hearing aid and its benefits. With a team of certified providers and a decade of expertise, they are dedicated to enhancing the lives of their patients through advanced hearing solutions.

To learn more about the Lyric hearing aid and other services, visit North Houston Hearing Solutions' website.

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