Dr. Lacey Brooks knows individuals don’t just hear with their ears, they hear with their brain. That is why Dr. Brooks uses state-of-the-art technology and extensive testing to evaluate a patient’s overall health at North Houston Hearing Solutions.

The privately-owned practice has been open since 2005 and recently moved into a new location in Spring. North Houston Hearing Solutions offers more than hearing aids—it’s a hearing, balance and tinnitus wellness center.

Dr. Brooks said the technology she uses not only makes diagnosing and treating patients more efficient, it sets her practice apart from others in the area.

North Houston Hearing Solutions is a full neurodiagnostic vestibular clinic that uses a highly sophisticated computer operated rotary chair - moving in various positions - to assess a patient’s inner ear function, as well as assess where migraines occur. The practice is one of only three clinics in Houston that have this advanced equipment.

“It really is impressive to have this kind of a treatment and testing facility all in one spot,” Dr. Brooks said. “Usually you only see that in big hospitals in a medical center.”

For patients who need hearing aids, Dr. Brooks uses 3D ear scanning to get the most accurate image of a patient’s inner ear. This ensures the hearing aids are a perfect fit for the patient. The 3D scanning method is more comfortable for the patient than the old method of using putty to create an ear mold.

“Most people have the misconception that audiologists just do hearing tests,” Dr. Brooks said. “We have a full neurodiagnostic balance testing center. We actually put electrodes on your head and we read brainwave activity. If you have a migraine, for instance, we could perform a battery of tests on you and report back to your neurologist so they can better treat your migraines.”

The treatment protocol used by the practice also helps to prevent cognitive decline, which can lead to dementia and Alzheimer's.

“The number one modifiable risk factor for dementia is untreated hearing loss,” Dr. Brooks said. “Your brain health is dependent on your brain being stimulated properly. This is another reason why people should have their hearing tested annually, even if they are not having immediate problems. Seeing an audiologist regularly is a crucial part of preventative care.”

Offering all of these services under one roof helps the patient get the care they need faster and without having to drive to large hospitals with longer wait times.

“We're working with the top surgeons in Houston, but we are serving them in the community that they live in,” Dr. Brooks said.

North Houston Hearing Solutions’ new office is conveniently located in Spring and is an inviting space where patients can feel relaxed.

“When you walk in here, it does not feel like a doctor's office,” Dr. Brooks said. “We have very high ceilings, crown molding, high-end finishes, a beautiful chandelier and lots of light. As you enter our door, you will smell fresh-baked cookies and we have a coffee bar.”

In addition, Dr. Brooks and her staff spend as much time with patients as they need. Dr. Brooks said she takes time to answer patients’ questions and isn’t rushing from one patient to the next.

“We are a white-glove clinic,” Dr. Brooks said. “When you come here, you are catered to as a patient. We are going to walk you back and take you through the exam. There are some patients that we are with for an hour and others I am with for a full 90 minutes...that is almost unheard of these days.”

Dr. Brooks said her staff always go above and beyond to make patients feel welcome at North Houston Hearing Solutions.

“I'm very very blessed that we have a great team here,” Dr. Brooks said. “They love what they do and they love helping our patients.”

North Houston Hearing Solutions is located at 18551 Champion Forest Drive, Ste. 101, Spring. To schedule an appointment, visit northhoustonhearing.com or call 281-444-9800.

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