When Steve Stapp, RBank’s President and CEO, filed the initial application to open RBank in 2008, he was met with considerable skepticism. The country was in the midst of a recession and many in the Round Rock community thought the bank wouldn’t be successful.

“The economy was not doing well,” he said. “People looked at our application and said, ‘Are you sure you want to do this right now?’ But we felt like it was the right time.”

RBank’s application was approved and the Round Rock branch opened in June 2009. Today, RBank extends a comprehensive array of financial services, ranging from traditional checking and savings accounts to specialized offerings like certificate of deposits, business loans and mortgage loans.

Despite uncertainty in the beginning, RBank has grown to include 10 Texas locations in Round Rock, Austin, Bertram, Schwertner, Jarrell, Edna, Cedar Park and Fort Worth, as well as a brand-new location in Georgetown.

“We have been growing every year,” Stapp said. “We started with just $12 million in capital and now we have $90 million in capital.”

The bank’s new Georgetown location is evidence of its continued success. After outgrowing its original Georgetown location, the bank opened a new location in the heart of downtown Georgetown at 405 S. Austin Ave. on August 21.

Distinguished by its modern architecture, the new three-story building in Georgetown introduces an innovative banking experience.

The new building does not have a traditional teller line, Stapp said. Instead, the location features teller pods, which allows for easier interactions between customers and employees.

“A teller line builds a wall between you and the customer,” Stapp said. “That’s not a good way to go.”

What sets RBank apart from other banks in the area is its quality employees and their dedication to supporting the local community, he said.

“We’ve got really good people we work with every day,” he said. “They genuinely care about what they're doing and they work hard to take care of the customers and meet their needs.”

Stapp said RBank has a strong focus on local businesses, with 80% of their clients owning or working at a small business. This is one of many ways RBank invests in the communities it’s in. Stapp also said the bank’s employees serve on city committees, coach community sports teams and volunteer with nonprofit organizations.

“When the community supports you, you need to give back,” he said. “And that's how we give back: through making donations and encouraging our folks to spend their personal time investing in the community.”

With the ongoing influx of residents to Central Texas, Stapp said he envisions a promising future for RBank. He believes that the region's growth will present even more avenues for expansion and community engagement.

To learn more about RBank, visit www.r.bank.

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