People who live in the Lone Star state are proud of what makes it unique: the history, landscape, food and recognizable brands like Whataburger, Dr Pepper and Buc-ee’s.

The team at Tumbleweed TexStyles captures this uniqueness and puts it on T-shirts, hats and drinkware. Co-founders Brian Wysong and Jeb Matulich both grew up in Texas and met when they taught high school together in Frisco.

Their business started locally in 2011 and has stayed close to home. Brian Wysong, CEO and co-founder, said Tumbleweed TexStyles does not outsource any of its designs. Jeb and Brian’s wife, Hillary, are the creative minds behind every product.

“All of our designs are hand-drawn right here in the heart of Frisco,” Wysong said.

In addition to being produced locally, Tumbleweed TexStyles keeps Texas culture at the heart of all of their designs.

“Because of Jeb’s incredible knowledge and understanding of Texas culture, whenever he creates our artwork the customer is getting a true taste of Texas,” Wysong said.

When it’s time to create a new design, the Tumbleweed TexStyles team keeps this authenticity in mind, from the first sketch to the final product.

Here’s what their creative process for a designing a T-shirt looks like:
  • First, the whole team meets for a brainstorming session.
  • Then, the designers will continue that conversation in a more creative session.
  • After that, Jeb and Hillary each sketch the concepts separately then meet again to build on other designer’s ideas until they have the final design.
  • Next, the designers scan and digitize the design in Photoshop.
  • From there, the team makes the design print ready. They will burn a screen which goes through the printing press to be mass produced.
  • Then, the shirt goes through a heating press to dry.
  • Finally, the shirt is folded and goes directly to the retail store or is shipped out for an online order.
Although the shirts are made in Frisco, Tumbleweed TexStyles ships its products to all 50 states and over 12 countries, Wysong said.

“Our shirts are everywhere and that’s something I’m really proud of,” he said.

It’s easy to recognize one of Tumbleweed TexStyles’ products, because they often leave hidden messages in the designs, Wysong said. One of their shirts has a yellow rose on it and the word “Texas” is hidden inside the flower petals. The design team is currently working on a line of outerwear with the topography of Frisco printed on the inside of the jackets and vests.

Wysong said this attention to detail sets their company apart from others.

“I would love for people to understand and appreciate, just like any piece of art, the attention to detail, the time, the effort, the sweat, the tears and everything that goes into creating each design we create,” Wysong said.

Another aspect that makes Tumbleweed TexStyles unique is their commitment to give back to the local community. Because Wysong previously worked as a high school teacher, and Matulich still teaches art, they chose to donate a portion of every sale to the Frisco Education Foundation. This organization helps provide scholarships for high school seniors, according to the company website.

The Tumbleweed TexStyles team members are passionate about their local community, which makes seeing people wearing their designs even more rewarding. Wysong said he frequently sees people wearing Tumbleweed TexStyles shirts in public and on social media.

“Seeing our designs out in public never gets old,” he said.

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