Dr. Jennifer Buchanan’s efforts to keep up with the latest orthodontic technology are all tied back to one goal: helping patients improve their smiles and overall dental health.

For example, patient Denicia Walker learned that thanks to new technology, she could correct her underbite without having to undergo jaw surgery during a consultation with Dr. Buchanan.

“She made me feel comfortable right away,” Walker said. “My next concern was having braces at 21, but Dr. Buchanan explained how adult ceramic braces would be much less noticeable. They really were. People told me all the time, ‘I didn’t know you were wearing braces.’ When I look at pictures from that time, I can’t see that I have braces on at all.”

Growing up, Walker said she always had an underbite and rarely smiled because she was self-conscious about her teeth.

Through the work done by Dr. Buchanan, the underbite Walker had was corrected, her jaw was aligned, and her teeth were straightened without surgery or extractions.

“It went by fast, and I actually enjoyed the process,” Walker said. “There was little or no discomfort, and every time I went in for an appointment they encouraged me and told me how great it was going.”

When Walker's underbite was corrected, she could chew properly and eat anything she wanted.

“I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned recently and they couldn’t believe how great I looked,” Walker said. “Dr. Buchanan and her staff always showed such interest in me, asking how school was going and remembering things we’d talked about at the last appointment. I would tell anyone who’s considering surgery to correct a jaw problem to get a second opinion, and if they’re in this area, go see Dr. Buchanan. I couldn’t be happier with everything she’s done for me.”

People might think that the work her orthodontic practice does is purely cosmetic, but Dr. Buchanan said it's much more.

"Form follows function.When the teeth and jaws are in their ideal positions, not only is it cosmetically pleasing, it also functions well. There's a huge health component because your mouth is the window to the rest of your health," Dr. Buchanan said. “We always stay on the cutting edge of technology so we can give our patients the best care that is comfortable, less noticeable and gets results faster, without all the surgeries, extractions and extra appliances.”

For any other adult patients interested in ceramic braces, Dr. Buchanan can work with any patient regardless of their health condition or where they live.

Spark Aligners are also offered at Buchanan Orthodontics for those looking for a functional and cosmetic bite without braces.

“You're not having to come in every month like traditional braces. I'm seeing patients every two to three months, or sometimes I can even extend appointments 4-6 months apart depending upon what we're doing. So it's not difficult if people live in a different state,” Dr. Buchanan said. “The advancement of technology allows me to treat people regardless of where they live."

During a free consultation, Dr. Buchanan takes 3D X-rays (CBCT) and photos and sits down with each patient to explain treatment needs and goals and how they can be corrected using the latest technology.

“You owe it to yourself to get a consultation to make an informed decision. There’s no risk to you to come in for a free evaluation and see how our technology can improve your health and self- esteem,” Dr. Buchanan said.

For more information about Buchanan Orthodontics, visit mckinneybraces.com or call 972-54 2-4412 for a free consultation.

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