As the first spade broke ground on the new construction site, cheers of excitement and joy rang out from the crowd.

Across the street from the San Antonio International Airport, Freund Enterprises held a groundbreaking ceremony for its third Comfort-Air Engineering & Primo Plumbing building on Jan. 25. The third building symbolizes the continued growth of the company, founded in 1964 by brothers Robert and John Freund.

The new building will alleviate crowding and serve as a new home for the current administration, executive and sales teams as well as offer a spacious and inviting area for walk-in customers.

The Freund brothers initially rented space off Nacogdoches and began to see their business flourish. Eventually, they located their current home base near the airport, constructing their first building in 1978. 20 years later, the second generation of Freunds established a second building in 2006. In the following year, Comfort-Air obtained the local plumbing firm Primo Plumbing.

The groundbreaking on a third building at the Comfort-Air site will allow the company to continue to grow.

Over the last 50 years, the Freund family's HVAC and plumbing company has grown and expanded to involve second and third generations.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, the first generation of founders, Robert and John Freund, were present, along with their children, CEO Matt, and principals Pat and Thomas Freund. Additionally, company executives and employees such as Mike Stahl (Vice President of Technology), Clint Wurzbach (Vice President of Construction), and Andrea Wurzbach were all in attendance.

Matt said he was excited for the opportunities the expansion will provide.

“Freund Enterprises, Inc. is thrilled to break ground on building number three in 2023,” he said. “The new office and warehouse space will allow us to offer an improved work environment for our employees and expanded services for our customers.”

The expansion is due to the continued growth of the company as well as the expansion of services along the I-35 corridor to San Marcos, Kyle and Buda in October 2022.

At the beginning of 2023, Comfort-Air Engineering introduced several new, innovative products, such as The Drop Home Protection Valve System, Generac Backup Generators, the REME HALO UV Light, and HVAC Scenting Solution. These additions, combined with an expanded service area, required an increased staff at their San Antonio location.

The number of employees at the company has increased, and the original building is too small to accommodate them. There are now two people in each office. The new building will help to alleviate the overcrowding, and it will provide the administration, executive, and sales teams with more space. It will also be welcoming for visitors who walk in.

After these teams move to the new building, the construction team, project managers, and engineers will move from building number two to building number one, allowing more space for storage and business-related activities.

Construction is expected to be complete on the third building at the end of 2023, and the company will begin moving employees over to the new building. To document the exciting process, the marketing team will take photos of the construction site each week to create a timelapse of the new building’s creation.

By the beginning of 2025, the family’s third generation will be taking over company leadership.

For more information about Comfort-Air Engineering & Primo Plumbing’s recent groundbreaking, the new 2023 product offerings and company’s expanded service area visit the website here.

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