Cibolo City Council on July 26 discussed the Niemietz Park land swap, which was first brought to council in June.

The swap would be between the Cibolo Economic Development Corp. and the city. The CEDC is requesting a one-to-one swap, which would trade a section of the park with a section of the adjacent EDC property.

The swap would shift the park to the center of the planned development, changing the layout and orientation of the park. Through this trade, the city would continue to own and operate Niemietz Park while the EDC developed the surrounding area.

District 7 Council Member Joel Hicks said it is important to ensure that all services and amenities at Niemietz Park are transferred over to the new location when development concludes.

“I want to make sure that the voters know that before we even start tearing stuff down; I want to make sure that we are putting in place those amenities that are currently there [at Niemietz Park],” Hicks said.

City staff will draft an ordinance in collaboration with the CEDC, which will be presented for council approval in a future meeting.

If council approves, the land swap proposal would go to voters in the November election. The call for an election must be made by Aug. 22.

Prior to the election, the CEDC plans to have two town hall meetings to give voters more information on the swap and answer any questions from the community. Town hall times will be determined at a later date.