Cibolo City Council on June 14 discussed a land swap with the Cibolo Economic Development Corp. for Niemietz Park.

In August, the CEDC closed on approximately 16 acres of commercial land located adjacent to Niemietz Park.

This purchase was to find new and unique economic development opportunities for the city. As part of the development initiative, the CEDC is requesting a one-to-one swap with the city trading a section of the current park with a section of the adjacent EDC property.

The swap would shift the park to the center of the planned development, changing the layout and orientation of the park. Through this trade, the city would continue to own and operate Niemietz Park while the EDC develops the surrounding area.

Mayor Stosh Boyle showed his support for the land swap, which would help revitalize the park and provide additional parking for the area.

“A lot of times, these park properties fall by the wayside, and you just get what you got, and you have to build around it,” Boyle said. “By the EDC purchasing the land next to it, it gives us an opportunity to clean this up.”

Council Member Katie Cunningham said the park would make a great addition to the city as long as the same amenities are available to residents after the property is adjusted.

“I want to ensure that by doing a land swap, we are not sacrificing something that we already have for the promise of something that may not happen,” Cunningham said. “I want to make sure that it is a one-to-one swap, at least, at minimum.”

The plan presented to council showed the addition of a hotel, restaurants, retail shopping and live entertainment for the area.

Council gave direction for the plan to come back to have revisions addressing park concerns. This direction does not approve the land swap, as council will revisit the item in a future meeting.

Should council approve the land swap, the proposal will potentially go to voters as part of the November ballot.