Mark Allen was elected mayor of Cibolo in January after serving as the District 5 City Council member beginning in 2018.

Allen is an IT manager for the heath care company, WellMed. His term as mayor ends November 2025.

Allen sat down with Community Impact to introduce himself and talk about his goals for the city during his time as the mayor. Answers have been edited for length and clarity.

What should residents know about you?

I would want them to know that I am not a professional politician. I am just a regular guy like anyone else.

What are your goals as mayor?

Back in the year 2020, we identified a list of what we call ‘the nine other roads,’ which are roads the city needs to work on other than Cibolo Valley Drive. Those are at the top of my priority list. I also want to oversee FM 1103 and make sure that it stays on task and that there are no major issues. I want to attract great businesses. When I was running for City Council back in 2018, and it is still my motto today, I said I am here to keep our property taxes low, to bring some great business to Cibolo and to fix the roads.

What are some of the city’s challenges?

We went through a growth bonanza over the past 20 years when we increased sixfold. The population is there, but the roads are my main concern right now. We just spent $8.1 million to resurface Cibolo Valley Drive, and that project is about 80%-90% complete. Our next project is FM 1103, which started in October.

What made you decide to enter public service?

I got into this because there was an apartment complex being proposed right across the street from the neighborhood I was living in. I got together with a group of neighbors who were opposed [to it], and we came to Planning and Zoning [Commission] meetings and City Council meetings. Our old mayor, Stosh [Boyle], talked to me to see if I was interested in City Council.