Cibolo City Council on Jan. 24 approved an engagement agreement between the city of Cibolo and Bickerstaff Heath Delgado Acosta, LLP, for professional redistricting consulting services.

This agreement is part of the city redistricting from seven single-member districts to four single-member districts and three at-large districts.

The firm will analyze Cibolo 2020 census data to redraw the district lines for the four single-member districts.

Districts 5, 6 and 7 will be absorbed into the other districts while the council positions switch to at large, which are voted on by every city resident.

The plan will be brought back to council at a future meeting, and public hearings will be held for input from the community.

The goal is to have the redistricting completed by 2024, which is the next year Cibolo will have a council election.