An engineer consulting with the town of Hollywood Park on a proposed long-range street repair program said the city’s road network is in fair condition but that budgeted funds would need to be significantly increased to properly address local roads over time.

Current situation

Frank Jaster, senior project manager for the firm KCI Technologies, briefed City Council on April 16 on the results of a Pavement Condition Index, or PCI, review. Jaster and his colleagues first briefed council in May 2023 about efforts to examine the surface of each city street, and collect input from local officials and residents about Hollywood Park’s road network.

After looking at and grading the town’s 53 streets, Jaster and his team designated an average road network PCI of 67, meaning most of the local streets remain in fair condition.

"Pavement Condition Index is a value that we use to look at cracks, potholes and repairs,” Jaster said. “When there’s a pothole and you do the repair, it can raise the score."

While no streets have failed, according to Jaster, an increasing number of roads could be rated between fair and poor, such as Sunway Drive, El Portal Drive, Fleetwood Drive, Skyforest Drive, El Cerrito Circle and Pantheon Way.

Jaster said roads that rate fair typically require basic maintenance, such as crack-sealing or microsurfacing, while poor streets typically need a major fix, such as mill and overlay.

The big picture

Jaster and local officials said the PCI survey should serve as a basis for how Hollywood Park officials could address required road improvements citywide in the long run.

KCI employees are working with Hollywood Park public works personnel to develop a 10-year road maintenance plan with treatment types and estimated costs.

Jaster recommended Hollywood Park leaders consider using monies in the city’s road fund and other options to finance especially larger repairs.

Jaster suggested local officials target a higher average pavement condition rating of 75 over the next 10 years. He also proposed increasing the city’s capital improvement project and rehabilitation funding level to $2.76 million per year to help the city to achieve a 75 PCI.

According to Jaster, Hollywood Park’s street fund is budgeted at $513,000 for the current 2023-24 fiscal year—enough money to address Mecca Drive, Coolway Drive, Sequoia Drive and Hi Path Drive.

The town’s proposed fiscal year 2024-25 budget contains $2.76 million in road fund money to support fixes on El Cerrito, Sunway, Skyforest, Oak Creek Court, Galleria Flair and part of Fleetwood.

Jaster said that if all works out well, an increased city road fund could cover repairs on parts or all of several more streets, including El Portal, Pantheon Way and Meadowbrook Drive.

The remaining streets would be targeted for improvement between 2028 and 2034. Jaster said a long-range road maintenance program would also focus on preventative measures to enhance the surfaces of local streets, particularly those that have higher volumes of daily traffic.

What they’re saying

Council members commended Jaster and his team for their efforts to come up with a plan of attack.

Council member Chester Drash, an engineer by trade who will take the mayor’s seat in May, previously urged city leaders to be more proactive about addressing problem roads. He praised his council colleagues and KCI for following through with his idea to develop an aggressive, long-range street maintenance and preventative program.

“You did a good job getting it here. I think it's a great starting point,” Drash said.