Hollywood Park officials are seeking local residents’ input in developing a planned long-range street maintenance program.

What happened?

During a May 23 public forum, city engineers unveiled a report that included their review of all Hollywood Park streets, which was conducted in late March, and a proposed multiyear program for potential minor and major road projects.

City Secretary Patrick Aten said at the forum that City Council may use its scheduled June 20 meeting to approve a program based upon findings in the road pavement condition survey and residents’ feedback. Community members may find the road survey on the city’s website and email suggestions and questions there.

The bottom line

According to the engineers’ report, it would take an estimated total of $13.2 million to repair all 53 city streets. Frank Jaster, senior project manager for consulting firm KCI Technologies, said he and his staff scored and graded the surveyed streets, from excellent to failing.

Jaster said Hollywood Park has no excellent or failed roads but has many fair to increasingly poor streets, all of which need different types of major repairs over time.

Many of the roads that were rated poorly in the engineers’ assessment lay on the southern end of town, including Sunway Drive, El Cerrito Circle, El Portal Drive, Fleetwood Drive and Skyforest Drive.

Jaster said, however, minor fixes, such as sealing cracks and asphalt replacement, would be suggested for most of the city streets. He added levels of suggested road improvement would depend on costs, available funding sources and severity of existing problems.

What’s next

City officials will help to prioritize the proposed road improvements, which Jaster said would take 10-15 years to fully implement, beginning in mid-2024. Jaster also said the city would consider a variety of local, state and federal funding sources to support larger projects. Public Works Director Kelly Cowan said the long-range program would be separate from the smaller road fixes that his staff typically apply year-round.

What they’re saying

“Our streets aren’t the best. They’re not the worst, but they’re not the best, and I need all the help I can get to get them under control,” Cowan said. “This will be a maintenance program, and there are goals to be set.”