Hollywood Park City Council on June 21 opted not to change anything at the basketball and tennis court section of Voigt Park.

Spurred by reports of visitors vandalizing parts of the court section, city officials last winter raised the possibility of converting all or a portion of the court section to deter mainly raucous out-of-town or late-night park users.

“Our basketball court became the premiere basketball court in San Antonio,” Council Member Michael Voorhies said.

Specifically, some city leaders suggested modifying the playing surface of the park’s court area to accommodate both pickleball and basketball. Other local officials pitched scuttling the basketball nets altogether.

Public Works Director Kelly Cowan approached the council on June 21 with four options.

Two options would involve restriping and resurfacing the entire court, providing a short or half basketball court and adding two pickleball nets to the rest of the court. These options ranged $18,000-$22,000 in estimated costs, city officials said.

A third option would involve only restriping and resurfacing the court at an estimated cost of $8,000. A fourth option would yield no changes.

Some council members said Hollywood Park residents could perceive any changes as permanent and then be deterred from fully enjoying the park.

Voorhies said the city should allow more time for a recent change in Voigt Park hours to become effective in deterring potential park abusers. The park is open to the public 7 a.m.-10 p.m. daily.

Voorhies and some other council members agreed it is not crucial to implement any changes at the Voigt Park court right now.

“We do need to do something; we just need to wrap our heads around [the issue],” Council Member Chester Drash said.