Alamo Colleges District officials recently launched a program to help things easier for students transferring between an ACD campus and partner colleges and universities.

The background

According to a March 22 news release, the San Antonio-based community college district rolled out what district leaders called a credit mobility project, which was funded by a $499,840 grant from the Greater Texas Foundation.

District officials said the initiative will lead to the creation of a planning portal, which will facilitate a seamless process for ACD students seeking to transfer their credits to four-year colleges and universities where they can further pursue a degree.

ACD officials said their credit mobility project will build on the district’s Transfer Advising Guides initiative, which provides details for students looking to transfer to a four-year institution, cuts transfer time and ensures all credits apply toward their degree.

The release states that, in 2020, Transfer Advising Guides saved ACD students $374 million in tuition. Thanks to current programs such as the TAG initiative, students who start at the Alamo Colleges now earn their degree, which requires 60 semester credit hours, an average of 65.1 hours, compared to the Texas state average of 80 credit hours.

ACD officials said that, despite 80% of community college students intending to transfer, only one-third of those who began at a community college in the 2015-16 academic year successfully transferred to a four-year institution.

What they’re saying

Mike Flores, Alamo Colleges District chancellor, said the Greater Texas Foundation’s grant is a key moment in the district’s efforts to provide seamless pathways for their students.

“We are grateful for the support of the Greater Texas Foundation and look forward to the impact this project will have on the lives of countless students to move with ease on their college journey,” Flores said in a statement.

Sue McMillin, Greater Texas Foundation president and CEO, said her organization commends Alamo Colleges District on its efforts and is proud to partner with the district.

Based in Bryan, the Greater Texas Foundation works with educational institutions, nonprofits and government agencies to provide students with resources needed to help them succeed in postsecondary education.

“With the technical infrastructure this funding provides, we are confident they will continue to improve credit mobility for Alamo College students no matter where their postsecondary pursuits take them,” McMillin said in a statement.