The Edwards Aquifer Authority Education Outreach Center on San Antonio’s north side moved in a new resident, officials announced Oct. 19.

The Texas Blind Salamander, an endangered species found only within the Edwards Aquifer, will live in a special aquarium at the EOC.

The salamander joins the endangered fountain darter, and both will be on display for visitors to see up close and to learn more about endangered species of the region.

According to a press release, the Texas blind salamander is a troglobitic, or cave-dwelling creature, which has resulted in it being both blind and eyeless.

These salamanders, which grow to about 4-5 inches long, are also lungless and breathe through their gills. They are characterized by their lack of eyes, external red gills, slender limbs, a broad head and transparent-pale color, according to EAA officials.

“The EOC’s newest endangered species aquaria exhibits that house the endangered Texas blind salamander and fountain darters are great educational tools for the center to teach the community and students about the mission of the [Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan],” said Scott Storment, EAA executive director for threatened and endangered species. “The addition of the ArcGIS StoryMaps touchscreen provides supplementary interactive and engaging information on all the Edwards Aquifer threatened and endangered species protected by the EAHCP.”

The EAA implemented a permitting system that regulates withdrawals from the aquifer and administers the EAHCP to better protect threatened and endangered species that live in and are reliant on the water from the aquifer.

The EOC is also hosting a contest to name the salamander. Participants can submit their entries online at The deadline to submit is Dec. 19. The EAAEOC is free and open to the public by appointment. Schedule a visit at