San Antonio developer Weston Urban will welcome another new tenant to its Rand Building beginning in March as Texas Creative, a local online graphic design/marketing and advertising firm, is set to move into the historic structure and set up its headquarters at 110 E. Houston St., Ste. 209.

Founded in 1985 as a graphic design studio, Texas Creative has grown into one of San Antonio's largest creative agencies, providing a variety of services from branding and traditional advertising to digital media campaigns and web design, a Feb. 8 news release said.

The three owners, Ashley Landers, Josh Norman and Art Williams, bought Texas Creative from its founders in 2022 after each had served as longtime employees. The agency was most recently located at 334 N. Park Drive in North San Antonio.

Landers, the company's principal and chief executive officer, said she and her colleagues are excited about moving their corporate office and 25-member team to downtown San Antonio.

“We're looking beyond what downtown San Antonio is today. The path forward is creating and continuing a sense of culture. We are definitely excited about today, but we are incredibly excited about five to 10 years from now. Now is the perfect time for us to make this move,” Landers said.

Art Williams, the company's principal and chief information officer, said the growing company wanted to provide a place for its staff to work and meet, but that would still allow for a hybrid workflow that Texas Creative adopted after the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Williams also said many of the company’s clients and their ventures have grown in and around downtown.

“We needed an office space to collaborate, entertain clients, and provide an environment that would make the drive worth the trip for our team members who don't live downtown. The livability, walkability, and accessibility made the Rand the most appealing option for us,” Williams said in a statement.

The release said Texas Creative and Weston Urban developer Graham Weston have a history. When Weston co-founded local company Rackspace, Texas Creative created the logo for Rackspace, and then later, in the 2000s, it crafted the rebrand of the signage and logo for the Weston Centre office building downtown.

Texas Creative has also supported the creative, branding and signage for other downtown mainstays, such as the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, the release said.

Norman, the company's principal and chief creative officer, said he is proud of his firm’s work that is visible around San Antonio’s central business district.

“It's amazing to drive around the streets of downtown or look out the windows of our office from the Rand and see our work on other buildings. It gives us a feeling of ownership that we have helped touch and shape integral pieces of downtown through the years,” Norman said in a statement.

Weston Urban co-founder Graham Weston said welcoming Texas Creative into the Rand Building portfolio is a meaningful moment for downtown.

“This is a huge part of what makes downtown a great place to grow a company, but it is also meaningful to me personally to be reunited with the homegrown company that has been so impactful on my own entrepreneurial journey,” Weston said in a statement.